Angel inspiration Angel of Abundance


Life you are, a sapstream of light that flows out of the earth. Life you are like a living river of light that flows from the sky. Together they form you as the living light fibers of a tree. A light tree that forms branches and fruits from the deep life strands of your true self, which live on Earth as a reality. That reality is you.

If you feel in yourself the light of the Sky Mother. If you feel in yourself the light of the Earth Mother, you are enveloped and secure in yourself. Anchored in all your fibers and organs. Carried in the cloth of your body.

So you can be the light tree that draws water from its own well, the source that you are. So can your lighttree stand on earth and sprinkle itself with the blessings you know in your own soul. You have a light that is yours, a song of your own, that you came to sing like yourself. You have a talent to bless. You have a talent to fertilize the earth with what you know in yourself.



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