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You will reach the highest State of presence here on Earth, if you are purely in contact with your being. The pure being that is the essence of beingness. It focusses your attention to energy. Energy on all levels of being. This includes mental, emotional, and highly gifted sensory perception. So you can include everything in the etheric field. This way you can empathize in the ' I am '.  An empathy to that extent of empathy that transcends your definition of being only a human. Then you will feel that you are a oneness being that includes everything. You  become one with all you once were and will be again. Therefore, be dedicated to integration of everything you still hold in separation. Become one with everything you are energetically. The animals, plants and rocks. Sand and earth and trees and stars. All the elements and all the creatures that you don't know yet. Be committed to anything you want to embrace in the universe. In this unification process all you know will be grounded and you will be present.

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