Angel inspiration Living Essence Angel

Do you ever feel, that you are, like me, an Angel light with feathers of light on her back? Or that a soft wind plays around you and your inner voice speaks? That's your light essence, the one you always are, a ray of light in the united field, that tells you who you really are and what you really want.
Apparently you're body is what you are. Just like you have a health that forms you , and a past that shaped you, An underlying DNA that determined your form is before you came here as a soul. Your soul has indeed chosen a form in the DNA, and within the family line, and projected her astral body in it. But this does not mean that the DNA determines who you are. DNA can be overwritten by a light programming that suits you better and give you a new form that goes along with it.
In physical reality you become what you believe. What you believe about your body becomes your body. But what you believe about your body is not really your body, they are just your thoughts about your body. These thoughts about your body were not projected from the being of light that you truly are, but from the heritage of your family line. It is in the DNA, the family line andthe inherited patterns and interpretation of reality, that you came to believe that you are who you are in the body. That you are formed by the dust of your ancestors. But in essence are you not. You are a light being formed from the light glow of the primal source that is love in unmaterialezed shape. A love that desires nothing of you,
but you wishes you to feel that you are love matter. Matter made of love.
Everything has been given to you to manifest love. You have been given a body that has all the assets to be love- matter-flow in the body.
This has a different resonance to it than the idea that you are your organs, blood, skin and an outer form. It is not what just perceive with eyes that look like a human being. But if you develop the eyes of the light being that you originally are, you can see through things. And than you will see that you and everyone else for that matter are not only an observable reality, but also light glow. This light is here on Earth, as a living inspiration and manifestation of God, in a form that is tangible.
In order to perceive that you are more than your form, it is necessary to overwrite what is known by you and generally accepted. You can overwrite your old computer program with new data which that are organized in another field of perception. Old data don't meet any longer.
It is recommended that the transcription is done by beings of light that are of a higher order. Who know where we are going in this upcoming period. Who know what needs to be done in the light work of love that we fundamentally are. They are the angels, the helpers, the masters in you and all of us who are present to make this Lightplan work. Who know better what lives in you than yourself. Because they are the higher aspect of you. The you that knows more and has access to the great plan that lives in you. This is why it is essential every now and then, to be in silence with yourself and to hear what the
master, the Angel with the lightfeathers, the architect, garden woman of God or any other light signature you might have, has to say about yourself. Because this light being is you and you are this light being. And this gardener, this knowing person in you that you are, can you tell what your plan is and how you can contribute to the realisation of the Divine Plan that you desire in yourself.
The knowing person in you lets you know what you intended to fulfill within the plan of God. You as you in your optimum form, with the tools and garments that were already given to you before you came to Earth, so you could perform and fulfill your destiny. I come as living Essence Angel to to tell you this, that's my form.

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