Angel inspiration Grail Angels

If I was the Grail, my beloved, I contained you as the most precious of the most precious, without possessing it. I was just the shell in which you can flow. You, expanding as the essence of self which cannot be held or enveloped, and allows everything in her to flow as it is.

I know you are love. The love that is made of stars, planets and galaxies. Explosions of light. Incomprehensible and elusive as life itself. Present in my heart, like a stream of love.
I know that you love me, my sweet one. As a woman, as an Angel. I know you speak as me in my most perfect form, just as you hear my voice as the beauty that is in you. I know that together we are an Angel, flying to shores that have not been explored yet.

I hold the grail, my beloved. It is the most precious in me.



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