Once I got a vision of an Angel with wings that were made of branches and flowers. It was such a beautiful image that I was compelled to make her immediately. Afterwards I made whole series of angels out of torn paper collected from magazines. With tiny pieces I manufactured the abundance of nature and above all, light glow. This process of melting nature and light into angels, continued when I learned to paint in photoshop. Painting and creating on the computer, permitted me to work even more sophisticated and very detailed.
And so, between particles of the mineral Kingdom, trees, flowers and my virtual paint strokes, the angels came to life. They became creatures of air and water droplets and golden light. Getting deeper and deeper animated by an inner fire that seems to shine through them.
It was also my own story that became visible. My intense desire to live in a world where all are honored as the divine creations the are. My deepest inspiration is to make the vibration of love, connectedness and unity tangible. It is as close as I can get to the whispering angel inside of me.

Irene Verdoorn

Irene Verdoorn attended the Academy of fine arts in Utrecht and draws and paints from the moment she held on to a colored pencil as a little girl. After years of painting mostly shamanic subjects, she currently makes images of angels, whom she delicately manufactures with mixed media and drawings on the computer. All her originals are virtual. This allows her paintings to be printed in (limited) edition.


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